Anti Aging Cream

An excellent anti aging cream enriched with rich herbal ingredients like Aloe vera, saffron and Curcumin. Aloe vera maintains hydration in skin and softens it. Saffron and Curcumin have been used since time immemorial for their skin rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties. This unique combination helps to keep the skin soft, young and glowing and is an excellent skin protector against germs and infections

Ingredients: Aloe vera, Saffron, Curcumin, Olive oil & Rice bran oil,Aloe Vera juice, Bees wax, Palm Stearic, Curcumin, Saffron, Deminaralised water, Carbomer, Veg-glycerin, Allantoin, Cetyl alcohol, Octyl Palmite, Rice Bran oil, Olive Oil, Wheat germ oil, Dimethicone copolyol, Ceteth, Laureth, Disodium EDTA Triethanolamine, Oiazolidinyl Urea, DMDM & Fragrance


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